Alastair Artingstall
Virtually Acoustic Club Legendary club for singer songwriters has made a welcome return after a brief period of retirement. It offers a platform for new acts and through the website provides an extensive resource of open mic listings, discussion and links to acoustic artists. Now to be found at the Perceverence in Marylebone every Monday, with a few Saturday night specials thrown in for good measure.
AAAS. The Official 'Unofficial' Fan Site If you want news, gossip, chat and discussion with other fans then this is the place to be. Full of photos and lyrics, with thoughts and explainations from AHA, plus unreleased tracks. A huge thanks to Isabel, Noelia and Gina for putting this together and patrolling it. Kisses A. xxxx
I-Tunes Four Lawn Hope is finaly available for digital download, or if you have it already then please leave a review. You can get to it by clicking this link. Four Lawn Hope Now Available On I-Tunes
My Page on My Space Nearly everyone has one and I'm no exception. My only excuse is that I have product to sell and it seems to be requirement these days, even if it is the most over-hyped site since Hadrian's Wall or the Millenium Dome. Much like 'Space' itself, it's strangely curved and almost entirely made up of vacuum, lacking even the odd pockets of gravity found in the real thing. It is in fact more like Hyper-space, so probably best to roam around these pages and the AAAS unless you're under 25 or a proud owner of the Acme book of 'Life and How to Acquire One'. Kisses. A. xxxx
Mr Rich Barnard Friend, member of the Tea Dance Band and hugely gifted singer/ songwriter who has a beautiful new album STFU.
Mr Malcolm Darwen Another Tea Dance Band regular and a man of unfeasible musical dexterity. His long awaited solo album is due by the end of this year!
Miss Edwina Hayes So talented, the rest of us just want to pack up and go home. She could sing a Council Tax Bill and have you believe it was the greatest song ever written.
Mr Steve Honest Pedal Steel Maestro, Pro-tools wizard and thoroughly all 'round top chap who just happens to run one of the best studios in London. He also has a range of custom Guitar Amps for those of you who like it louder.
Mr David Sherwood Almost single handedly responsible for bringinng together most of those mentioned in links above during his years of running the best open mic in London. Bass player and vocalist with Piefinger,( who released their debut album recently), he also put this site together despite my dithering and vagueness.
Laura Fenandez My dear Canadian friend Laura who plays piano and writes beautiful songs in both English and Spanish. She is also the most amazing painter and graphic artist as well as being one of the lynch-pins of a thriving Toronto acoustic scene.